7 Things We Don’t Do Anymore Because of Technology

Read Out What Technology Has Given You Over The Traditional Things-

#1 Write Down Phone Numbers

It is the simplest yet tech thing we do not do anymore just because we don’t have to. Smartphones have made the life much easier that you don’t have to remember anyone’s phone number. Just save it in the contacts and that is it.

#2 Going To The Theatre

Of course, we still go to theatres to watch a movie, but it is not a compulsion anymore. Services like Amazon, HULU, Netflix have made it so much easier that we can stream any movie at any time.

#3 Get The Help Of The Travel Agent

Travel agents used to be a great help in like ancient times. But today, everyone is internet savvy and that means we all can book our flights, hotels, and tours on our own at a cheaper rate.

#4 Sending Letters

In the old days, we used to send letters and postcards. Today, it is all about an email or message that gets sent and received in seconds. Even birthday and gift cards are just a click away. We may miss those days, but it is what the technology is.

#5 Keeping Music Collection

We used to collect CDs, DVDs, cassettes, and other sources of music. Now, it is just about the apps installed on your smartphones. You don’t have to go anywhere other than your phone and the collection is huge.

#6 Using Maps

Remember when we used to keep an eye on that paper map to find out tracks? Well, technology made it simple by giving the Google Map. Now, navigation is a lot easy, just enter your destination and the route will be in front of your eyes.

#7 Using Camcorders

Another thing that we do not use is a camcorder. Because it is all about the drones these days. Using drones, we can take 1080p selfies and videos while sharing it in real time from the height of the sky. When it was about the next drone, I found my latest drone here.

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