5 Reasons Why Privacy Protection Technology Is So Important

Recent spate in judgments relating to the right of privacy says a lot:

A great amount of litigation and obiter dictum from eminent jurists here in the country and around the world is a possible indication that people are waking up to the idea of their right to privacy. There is a general alarm among people when they realize that their personal privacy is being compromised and the data is commercially used to be able to make quick bucks by greedy entrepreneurs and people who in the long run can cause considerable personal and professional damage to them.

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Here are five reasons according to me that will highlight why privacy protection and the technology is woven around it is so important in today’s age and time:

  1. Basic respect for a human being:

A lot of countries have come to a logical conclusion that the right to privacy is a fundamental right of a person and is included in his freedom of living. No one can claim to take away the fundamental right of a person because taking it away means that his life can be jeopardized.

  1. Absolute power vests in personal details:

A person who has rights over other’s private data and information can cause a lot of harm to the person by virtue of having such data that can debilitate his life. The person can blackmail the other person and even cause substantial damage to his reputation.


  1. It saves an individualism from judgementalism:

People in the society can judge in haste and it is important to note that no one can judge a person without knowing both sides of the story. So, yes it is not done to have the right to a person’s privacy compromised at all.

  1. Maintaining social boundaries is imminent in order to live in peace and relax in one’s own company. No one must claim to know everything about the other person whatever the need be.

  1. Breach of trust:

A breach of privacy definitely amounts to a breach in trust. There is no two ways about it.