The Benefits of 3D printing tech for architects

In the present day Architects are using 3D Printing Technology for model prototypes, Show models and conceptual models for prospective clientèle. There are several benefits to utilize this 3D printing technology which is the reason why nowadays many Architects from the competitive field of architecture industry are adopting this technology.

Benefits of using 3D printing Technology

  1. Handmade modeling is a tedious and lengthy process which is now of the past. It doesn’t matter if the design is a test design or the final copy which even takes two to three months! Using the 3D printing Technology makes such prototypes overnight.
  1. Handmade modeling is not only a lengthy process but it also expensive because it requires the use of would form letter cardboard etc. By using 3d printers under 500, it normally gives a computerized precision but it also reduces three fourths of the cost.
  1. There are certain Shapes and Designs that are very hard or complex to make with the hand. hence using 3D printing will quickly allow various shapes that need high complexity without any hard work or extra cost.
  1. This latest technological method of creating models also offers clear understanding of the architecture in contrast to laying out a prototype in the room. Here the architect would be able to communicate the design clearly to the client.
  1. Making with the hand means once the design spoils it cannot get edited like on a computer. You would need to remake the whole model again which takes too long. Hence you can also make multiple corrections & multiple designs with features like zooming, compressing, and creating surroundings. Saving time and money, this is the best way to design, redesign and restructure making it possible to test multiple designs.
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