7 Smart Car Technologies We Want To See

Cars and technology go hand in glove when you take today’s cars. There are so many new technical additions that make owning a car much more than just a necessity. You can read more on such new additions on engines at 247spares. The pleasure of owning a car that can do so much more than take you around gives car lovers an adrenaline rush.

So when such car lovers and technology fans were asked, here are some smart car technologies one would love to see in the near future:

  1. Gesture Control

No one wants a number of buttons and knobs occupying all the space on the console of their car. They want more features but in a smaller space. This has increased the need for touch technology where the owner can input characters through a touchpad. So all you will have is the big screen and a touchpad instead of the entire keyboard and other navigating buttons.

  1. Windscreen Display

When information like navigation, speed, fuel gauge, etc, the ones that are usually hidden behind the steering wheel are visible on the windscreen, it makes it much easier to take all the details in without having to look away from the road.

  1. Apps

Just like your smartphones, your smart car can have interesting Apps too that allow you to do so much more with your car. These can be specific to countries based on each countries rules and regulations.

  1. Thin Batteries

When you pop the hood of your car you will see the battery sits like a king occupying most of the space. Thinner batteries like on your phones will reduce this space and give you more space on the inside of the car.

  1. Inter-Vehicle Communication

Just like in your boats and planes, a radar kind of technology that allows you to communicate with other cars on the roads can increase the road safety by a great extent.

  1. Fuel Saving Tips

An ongoing list of tips to help you save on fuel in your current driving condition will help you save some money and improve your driving too. This can also include information like when to refill to get the best out of your car and save some money.

  1. Smart Phone Integration

We are seeing this improving as newer versions of cars come in. A full-on integration with your phone where your car can do just about everything your phone does will make it a perfect accessory.…

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