What is Streaming Video Technology and how Does it Work?

The Internet provides a way out for people to discover new things, learn about new things and stay connected with each other. There is nothing that you can’t find over the internet. You can download data from the internet and save it on your computer for later use. There are two ways of downloading content from the internet, first is progressive download and second is streaming.

Progressive download is the orthodox way that people have been using over the decades to download things. In the progressive download, the user will have to wait for the entire content to download first and then he/she can use it. The good thing is once you download the data, you can use it with or without the internet.

What is Streaming and How does it Work

Streaming is the other way to download content from the internet. The difference between streaming and progressive download is that in streaming you don’t have to download the entire file. On the contrary, you can see data as it downloads. For instance, when you are listening to music online you don’t have to wait for the entire song to download first. The moment you hit the play button you can listen to it. However, streaming does require a good internet connection. Having slow internet connection means that you will face delays and trouble with buffering.

The main difference between both these download methods is what happens to them once you finish downloading. In case of progressive download, the data is stored on your device for offline use. In case of streaming data, the data content is deleted after you are done watching. Some people even find Werbung für YouTube Kanal  where others can do streaming to watch movies, listen to songs, play online games and use applications that require an internet connection. Since streaming a lot of things have become easier, accessing the content over the internet is easy and effective.

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