The Best Smart Home Technologies to Elevate Your Home in 2019

As we step into the year 2019 here are some of the smart home technologies that are worth giving a try. The use of smart home technologies can benefit you in so many different ways.

Smart home technology helps bring down your energy bills, allow you to control your devices remotely and also improve the safety and overall convenience.

Smart thermostat

There are thermostats that can be controlled from smartphone apps. These allow you to set the right temperature and turn on the air conditioner or the heater a few minutes before you step into the house. So when you enter the house the ambient temperature is welcoming and optimal. And the next in line are the thermostats capable of learning your preferences. The more you use these thermostats the more they understand your temperature preferences at different times of the day and would then be able to automatically set the suitable temperature.

Keyless main door entry

Either with voice authentication or the use of biometric scans your main door could be unlocked. Even a highly secure smartphone app with authentication can be used in place of keys.

Smart doorbells

These are the ones that come with live video feeds that allow you to know who is at the door. They increase the security and also provide recordings of a few minutes or hours for reference.

Smart home speakers

Today’s smart home speakers come with audio enhancements like spatial awareness that helps them adjust the sound output based on where they are placed. And these can be connected to the smartphone account and plenty of them also come with inbuilt virtual assistant support to get several tasks done.

Waste management did right

Composting toilets for home and RV composting toilets are all examples of where we are heading when it comes to waste management. This helps strike the right cord in reaching sustainability.

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